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Namibia by Namibian photographers, a collective

Join us for this innovative collective exhibition that will bring together works by amateur as well as professional photographers. 15 photographers will present two artworks each, with only one imposed criteria: photographs must have been taken in Namibia. The rest was left up to the sensitivity of each of them: style, subjects, technique. This exhibition about Namibia will depict wildlife, landscapes, scenes of life, and everything in between. This will be the occasion to admire this beautiful country in a privileged space, at each person’s own rhythm. In a society where more and more photographs are available online, consumed at an accelerated pace, to the sound of the click of a mouse, forgetting the previous one, it felt important to give these photographers a platform to express their love for Namibia. The exhibition will run until 16 February Free entry.

Cinema: Tamara

Tamara, by Alexandre Castagnetti, 1h40, 2016, comedy Tamara, a 15 year-old teen, has a complex about her curves. To get rid of a bad label in high school, she decides to take things into her own hands. With her best friend, she makes the bet to go out with the first boy who come in through the classroom door. But since the chosen one is Diego, the most handsome and popular guy, will Tamara succeed in winning her bet? N$40

Cinema: Struggle for life

Struggle for life, by Antonin Peretjatko, 1h49, 2016, comedy Interning at the Ministry of Standard, Marc is sent to French Guyana to work on an indoor ski slope project, called "Guyasnow". But not everything goes as planned, and he ends up lost in the jungle along with another engineer intern, an eccentric girl called Tarzan who happens to be an expert in survival in a hostile environment. N$40

Thinning Lines

"Thinning lines' is a production written and directed by Ndakalako Shilongo, under the mentorship of Nashilongweshipwe Muushandja. A mother of two is battling with the relationships in her life; a husband’s infidelity, a sister who refuses to grow up and a rebellious teenager, in the midst of it all, neglects the illness of her youngest which ends up causing her, her life. Being the monster in everyone’s eyes is not something new to Susan, the love she has for her family is deep. Deeper than the cuts they made when they killed her.

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